Spiked leather dog collars… good or bad?

Spiked leather dog collar on English Bull Dog

We’ve been asked in the past why we don’t make spiked leather dog collars. I mean after all, custom-made leather dog collars are our expertise right?

Well, to lift the veil on this mystery quickly… we don’t make them because simply put… they are pretty time consuming considering we hand craft all of our leather dog collars.

Spiked leather dog collars are cool looking on the right dog. Mind you, all of this is highly subjective. It really comes down to personal preference.

However, we have heard many stories and also made our own experiences that spiked dog collars can sometimes reinforce a negative stereotype about aggressive dogs.

For some a spiked dog collar on a pit bull will signal imminent danger and invoke immediate fear. The fact that your pit is a gentle and loving family pet is hard for some to believe. It can be hard to change peoples minds about dog breeds often considered to be dangerous and aggressive. Unfortunately, a spiked dog collar will only play into those fears.

We still think spiked leather collars can be cool and obviously it’s a decision every dog owner has to make for themselves.

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