How to Measure Your Dog’s Collar Size

An accurate measurement is critical for proper fit of your dog’s collar. Measuring is quick and simple using our instructions below.

Dog collar measuring guide


The easiest and fastest way to measure your dog’s neck size is to use a cloth measuring tape.

1. Make sure to remove your dog’s collar before measuring!

2. For the perfect fit, measure the same area of the neck where your dog normally wears his or her collar.

3. Make sure you get a snug measurement. Avoid measuring any extra skin around the neck area.

If you don’t have a cloth measuring tape, substitute a piece of string in its place. Use the string to measure as outlined above, then lay it on a flat surface and measure the length with a ruler or tape measure.

It’s that easy! You just measured for the perfect custom-made Kobi Collar fit for your dog.


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Depending on the type of your old dog collar here are the two most common ways to get an accurate neck measurement.

1. Measuring a buckle style collar

Measure from the edge of the leather of the buckle end to the hole in which your dog wears his or her collar. See figure 1

2. Measuring a clasp style collar

Measure from the end of the male clasp all the way to the end of the collar fabric/beginning of the female clasp end. See figure 2