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Chief Collar Maker

Scott is Kobi Collar’s Chief Collar Maker! He’s sometimes said to be a bit of a perfectionist. Is that really such a bad thing?

Leather Dog Collars, Kobicollars


Made with Heart

Not only do we take pride in what we do, we also love what we do. Every collar is made with a healthy dose of heart just for you and your dog!

Custom Leather Dog Collars, Best Leather Dog Collars, Kobicollars


The Inspiration

Autumn provides creative inspiration at Kobi Collars. She also inspires with her volunteer work and generous nature.

Custom leather dog collars, Kobicollars



Every collar we make is carefully custom made with attention to detail. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania & built to last a lifetime!

Our Story

Kobi Collars is the result of a desire to live a simple and successful life. We don’t measure success by the accumulation of material wealth.

Autumn and Bob
Hitting the trail

Instead we set out to engage in the things that give us true happiness. We are passionate about working creatively with our hands… one collar at a time!

Of course our love for dogs is hugely beneficial!

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful collar for your dog, we would love to make it for you.

We take great care and pride in crafting your dog’s collar. Nothing is hurried and the details are important to us.

We won’t hesitate to include that extra rivet or two, to make the strongest collar possible.

Backpacking with Jack the dog
Best friends

Our leather and hardware is sourced from the nearest local tanneries and dealers. We don’t mind the occasional 400+ mile round-trip so we can handpick the finest hides available.

The bottomline is that we enjoy what we do and that means we don’t cut corners just to get it done.

We hope you will let us make your dog’s collar.


Scott Charles
Chief Collar Maker

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